UNESCO Evaluates I La Galigo Manuscript Elligibility to become a World Cultural Heritage

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The UNESCO National Committee on Memory of the World is evaluating the I La Galigo ancient manuscript as a world cultural heritage. “I La Galigo is among the ones proposed,” said Jan Sopaheluwakan, the committee’s chairperson, in Hasanuddin University, Makassar, yesterday.

According to Jan, the seminar is one of the steps to obtain a UNESCO certificate. “I La Galigo was proposed last month. After the seminar, it will be evaluated by the Asia Pacific region commission and then submitted to UNESCO,” said Jan.

The La Galigo manuscript is considered to have fulfilled all the criteria. Besides its unique quality, the manuscript is the longest in the world, besides the Mahabarata epic. In addition, it has a cross-country and cross-period value. “The manuscript is are in danger of extinction. This is why we are optimistic about getting a UNESCO certificate,” said Jan.

The I La Galigo’s greatness is well known. Jan said that various researches and evaluation already done on it would become a strong testimony to facilitate the selection. I La Galigo is an epic about a Bugis community ‘s early life on earth.

According to Jan, the manuscript was proposed together with Babad Diponegoro from Central Jaca and Mak Yong art from Riau. “Usually by January UNESCO will have decided on its selections,” he said.

Aristofani Fahmi